FOREXT Fridays

FOREXT Fridays

During the pandemic, the FOREXT Fridays were launched to keep the activities of the network going. Now we continue to have them to share and discuss interesting topics and to promote learning from each other.

In April 2024, welcome Justas Mingaila from the Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service. He is currently working at LAAS as Specialist of Innovation Support. He is also a forestry scientist who worked on the topic of non-timber forest products, especially birch sap. He owns a small seasonal sap business, annually providing raw sap to a processing company. In his presentation he focused on sap, its harvesting technologies, business possibilities and why it is important – also bringing in his experiences as a business owner! Enjoy his presentation and the following discussions via our recording!

In February 2024, we welcomed Eduard Mauri from EFI to share insights into the EU-FarmBook and answers our burning questions about this new online platform. Eduard is the EU-FarmBook Ambassador for the forest sector in Europe, so this is a unique opportunity to talk to someone who is not only passionate about sharing knowledge but also has an insider’s view into the project!

In the September 2023 edition of FOREXT Fridays, we discussed forest fires and their prevention with Pierre Mace, Director of DFCI Aquitaine, Gironde. With 94% of fires being caused by human activities, how can we prevent them – listen to the presentation and the discussion to hear more.

In the May 2023 edition of FOREXT Fridays, we heard from 2BForest, based in Portugal, as they presented their online platform called ForestSIM®, where forest owners can find tools that will help them design and implement a forest management plan.

March 2023 FOREXT Friday: “My pages”, a website with free e-services that the Swedish Forest Agency offers forest owners.

January 2022 FOREXT Friday: digital and innovative services available for forest owners

November 2021 FOREXT Friday: New EU Forest Strategy 2030

October 2021 FOREXT Friday: Support systems for private forest owners in Slovakia

September 2021 FOREXT Friday: FEM4FOREST, Forests in Women’s Hands

May 2021 FOREXT Friday: Demonstrating climate change adaptation in woodland in South East England and development of an Irish Forest Carbon Tool.

April 2021 FOREX Friday: Estonian forestry

March 2021 FOREXT Friday: Digitak monitorin of forest use and forest strategies in Finland.

February 2021 FOREXT Friday: National Carbon Codes in France, the UK and Spain

January 2021 FOREXT Friday: Adapting extension activities in the context of COVID-19