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FOREXT met in Uppsala, Sweden

During the May 2024 meeting, the FOREXT members discussed the network’s strategy and objectives, as well as plans for future activities. Also, to learn from each other, the members presented a selection of their best cases, tools, and research results.

Some of the highlights of the meeting were a visit to SLU – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and its Forest Damage Center, and a presentation and discussion on research results on Forest advisory services in Sweden. Also the Swedish Forest Agency demoed their My Pages-tool, which they have developed for mapping and supporting decision-making by forest owners.  Finally, European Investment Bank (EIB) presented the main barriers for investment in the forestry sector.

During a field trip the network met with a private forest operator providing advisory services, and heard an inspiring story of a female forest owner and her journey in forming a association of female forest owners. The group also visited a demonstration site of the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden (Skogforsk) where different types of planting and management systems were discussed.

April FOREXT Friday on birch sap – recording now available

In April 2024, welcome Justas Mingaila from the Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service. He is currently working at LAAS as Specialist of Innovation Support. He is also a forestry scientist who worked on the topic of non-timber forest products, especially birch sap. He owns a small seasonal sap business, annually providing raw sap to a processing company. In his presentation he focused on sap, its harvesting technologies, business possibilities and why it is important – also bringing in his experiences as a business owner! Enjoy his presentation and the following discussions via our recording!

Featured image by R adept, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Mark Prior in HoliSoils Talks

Mark Prior from Forestry Commission is a member of the Stakeholder and End-User Advisory Board (SEAB) of the H2020 HoliSoils project. He participates in the project as an external stakeholder representing FOREXT and contributes to improving the development and results of HoliSoils as well as supporting its dissemination and exploitation.

In a recent video, Mark points out the importance of soils as key to woodland management.

Find out more about HoliSoils: https://holisoils.eu/