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FOREXT coordinator at EFI changes

Meet the new FOREXT coordinator at EFI: Inazio Martinez de Arano.

He has more than 15 years of research experience, mainly in forest soil sustainability. Before joining EFI and working as the Head of EFI’s Mediterranean Facility, EFIMED, he served as coordinator of forestry research at NEIKER-TECNALIA in Spain (2004-2007) and as CEO of USSE (2008-2013). In these roles he has developed a deep understanding of the actors, institutions and processes involved in the policy making and, also, of the languages, views, needs and idiosyncrasy of different stakeholder groups. He has worked in policy-science initiatives both from the science and the stakeholder points of view. He has extensive working experience in European Projects (SIMRA, ROSEWOOD4.0, MYSUSTAINABLEFOREST, FORESTERRA, BEWATER, INCREDIBLE etc.). He currently coordinates the Bioregions Facility at EFI, and participates in several EU projects.

Our warm thanks to Nataša Lovrić who worked with the network from the very beginning, and has provided excellent and enthusiastic support in setting up and developing FOREXT.