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Don’t miss the IUFRO Extension & Knowledge Exchange 2022 Conference

IUFRO – Extension & Knowledge Exchange 2022 Conference: Knowledge Exchange for the Modern Era: Empowering People / Providing Solutions; online; 26 April, 3 May, and 10 May 2022, 13:00-15:30 EDT USA.

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Extension plays a key role in empowering individuals and communities to take action. This conference celebrates the successes of what we do every day in our Extension lives. The conference offers opportunities to learn from each other and build strong partnerships from local to international.

2022 Annual meeting

The FOREXT Annual meeting will take place at Honne Hotel and Conference Center in Norway on 26-27 April 2022. Network members and observers are also invited to join the final conference of an international project on E-learning and the best practises in forestry sector.

The timetable is:

25 April International E-learning seminar on the best practises in forestry sector (more info attached, incl. practical info on arrivals)

26 April  the seminar continues until lunch

26 April FOREXT Annual meeting starts after lunch (preliminary agenda attached)

27 April FOREXT Annual meeting continues

Invitations have been sent to the network members, if you have any questions, please contact minna.korhonen @ efi.int


January 2022 FOREXT Friday: digital and innovative services available for forest owners

For the January 2022 FOREXT Friday, we welcomed Venla Wallius (junior researcher) and Arnaldo Marques (trainee) from EFI to present an overview of digital and innovative services available for forest owners. They are mapping services, initiatives and projects worldwide, creating a database with the main findings inside Forestry 4.0 concepts. The work is a part of the NOMADI project (Green growth for the bioeconomy of North Karelia through digital transformation of forest services), more information: https://efi.int/projects/nomadi-nopeaa-kasvua-maakunnan-biotalouteen-digitaalisuudesta.

This was the last FOREXT Fridays for now, thank you to all our presenters and participants!