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March FOREXT Friday focused on Finland

In the March edition of FOREXT Friday, we heard from two experts at the Finnish Forest Centre.

The forests in Finland are not only economically important but also their recreational use is exceptionally wide. During the corona crisis, the Finns have deepened their relationship with nature and forests in particular.

As more than 600,000 Finns are forest owners, that is one out of ten Finns, the role of the Finnish Forest Centre in supporting them and other actors in the field means they need to develop their services all the time. In the webinar, Anna Rakemaa introduced the work FFC is doing in digital monitoring of forest use and Jyrki Haataja talked about Finland’s forest strategies, both national and regional. The webinar was facilited by Anssi Niskanen.

Watch the recording here:

Download Anna Rakemaa’s presentation

Download Jyrki Haataja’s presentation

Photo: Wille Heikkinen, Adobe Stock

February FOREXT Friday: National Carbon Codes in France, the UK and Spain

In February 2021, the FOREXT Friday looked the national carbon codes in France, the United Kingdom and Spain. The webinar was facilitated by Benjamin Chapelet (CNPF) with a short presentation of the network by Mark Prior, Forestry Commission. Our speakers were: Olivier Gleizes (CNPF) on the “Label Bas-Carbone”, the French national framework for voluntary carbon mitigation in forest with private funds; Pat Snowdon (Scottish Forestry) on “Woodland Carbon Code”, the UK framework for voluntary carbon mitigation in forest and Marta Hernández de la Cruz (Spanish Office for Climate Change) on “Registro de la Huella de Carbono”, the Spanish framework for voluntary carbon mitigation in forest.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/AnmZAgzTuV4